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You will never be left unsatisfied when it comes to amenities within Cerilo. In fact, you might not even want to leave the compound for weeks unless you really need to.

First of all, Cerilo Nuvali provides all of the basics that you can expect from a high-end exclusive subdivision. There is a team of highly trained security guards who are constantly patrolling the expansive grounds. They are more vigilant than most other security guards in other villages or subdivisions because they have a wider area to cover. In addition, there are lots of trees where they can potentially hide.

However, you really do not have to worry about intruders getting inside the compound because there are high concrete perimeter walls that are quite impossible to climb over. If the intruder does manage to climb up, he has to deal with hundreds of feet of razor wire that lined the top of the perimeter fences. On the off chance that an intruder does manage to climb over the fence, he is still not in the clear because aside from the security guards, there are dozens of security cameras installed in strategic places all over the subdivision, so there will always be eyes on him.

Aside from the wide expanses of greenery and the wide central park area, there are other recreational features in Cerilo. First is the swimming pool area. There is a full-sized adult swimming pool and you can also find a small wading pool that is perfect for little kids. There is also a multi-purpose court where you can play basketball, volleyball, or even tennis.

Furthermore, you can find a social hall right in the middle of the compound. This is kind of like a club house that is exclusively for the homeowners. It is a place where the residents can lounge and hang out with their neighbors. If you do not like to socialize, you can just sit in one of the lounge chairs, plug in your earphones, and just read a book to pass the time.

If you want to do something a bit more extreme, then there is an off-road bike trail right inside the Cerilo Nuvali community. You can get your fix of adrenaline without even venturing outside the subdivision. Aside from that, there are also several hiking and jogging trails around the compound.

If the weather is not ideal for jogging or biking, you can head over to the indoor fitness area. This is like a gym inside the compound that you can use whenever you want. Sometimes, there will be aerobic classes held in the premises. You just need to check the schedule to see when the classes are going on. If you like working out alone, you can just partake of the complete sets of free weights and other exercise machines inside the fitness area.

These are just a sampling of what you can expect when you become a full-fledged resident of Cerilo Nuvali. You can also expect that there will be more amenities coming your way after a couple of years.

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